Travel photography ideas

I’m going on holiday soon which I am very excited about; time to enjoy a bit of sun and sea and I’m sure some good food and drink, with some great company. As you might imagine, I’ll have my camera with me and I’ve been thinking about some of the opportunities I want to shoot while I’m out there. Now for those that know me, I lived in Almeria for ten years so I know a lot of the areas. I’ve learnt a lot about photography and how to shoot what I want to shoot in the past ten months since I was last there. Here are some of the things I’d like to shoot while I’m out there:

1. I did some milky way pictures not so long ago which I really enjoyed, I had to stop in the end due to the cold fogging my lens up! Oxfordshire suffers from heavy light pollution that can make discerning the skies difficult, and also it is very cloudy which means that clear nights are often rare. However, Almeria and especially the mountainous regions have very low light pollution levels, and also 300 days of sunshine a year. I have a shot in mind with the milky way in the background and the observatory at Calar Alto in the Sierra de los Filabres in the foreground. I’ll need a newish moon to remove the light pollution, and I’ll be using my widest angle lens (the Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5), with long shutter speeds (>30s) and low apertures (no greater than f/4). I might do some star trail stuff as well which will involve longer focal lengths (one of my prime lenses, 35mm or 50mm which have really wide apertures of f/1.8) and longer shutter speeds (minutes), but I’ll be able to use higher ISOs which will cut down on noise.

2. More ideas about capturing some of the beautiful beachline that Almeria boasts, especially at sunrise.

3. Want to combine the above idea with some mountain scapes.

4. Street photography. We’ve all done this before, but I am aiming to expand on what I’ve learnt in the last months, and aim to capture more candid moments and what Henri Cartier-Bresson describes as “the decisive moment.” In addition to compelling composure and selective use of black and white and colour photography, my aim is to try and capture more of a story and mood in my images.

5. My parents do some singing in a group and have asked me to shoot some images of them singing. I haven’t done much of this before so I’m interested in figuring out how to capture this. I’ll be taking along my flashes as I’m guessing they sing inside with low light, so I’ll be firing my flashes remotely and will probably shoot with a long lens, like the 75-300mm.

6. We have a party / family reunion while we’re out there as well so my wife has asked me to take some pictures. I said I’ll take the iPad but she gave me evils.

All in all, a pretty busy schedule, balanced with some pool time sounds idyllic to me!

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