Travel update

I am now sitting in the comfort of my own home after a day of travelling and just wanted to post some thoughts before getting ready for work next week and chilling out.

The travel photography blog post I posted last week was a good guide for me to inspire me. I took about 1000 pictures (I’m not sure of the total count) so I thought I’d give a quick summary of how that went.

1. We got off to a bad start with the Milky Way pictures, but I am assured that I will get a chance to go up to Calar Alto on our next trip to Spain. 😦

2 & 3. Pretty much ticked these off, with early morning shots of Cabo de Gata and Cala Cocederos. Here’s a taster:

Iglesia de las Salinas

4. Did some street photography down by the Paseo Maritimo de Almeria, which is the beachfront area which stretches for a couple of kilometres with some great beaches and space to exercise, buy some pirated DVDs, or get a coffee and an ice cream. When it came to shooting, there were some difficulties. The light was beautiful as I was there at the golden hour before sunset (important note about this later) but getting good street pictures is reliant on stealth. The best street photos (try Henri Cartier-Bresson as the classic street photographer or Valerie Jardin for a more modern version) are candid and are of people who don’t realise they’re being photographed. This means getting up, close and personal and being discrete. Trying to be inconspicuous with a DSLR (even with a small lens on it) was not simple. I had some success but I need to get over my shyness. I will post some pics later.

5. Completed the Cantante shoot at La Vida bar, although it had some of the nastiest lighting conditions I’ve ever seen. The singing was at sunset, with backlighting followed by no light as the sun went down, I was shooting with a 75-300mm lens, and I didn’t want to use flash as I thought it would bother the singers. So for the first half, I was using ISO-12800 (!) to get enough depth of field (f/8) and shutter speed (>1/250s). This made for some very, very noisy images which had to be post processed to remove some. After the interlude, I bounced flash off the ceiling (which was not flat and was a very strange shape) to good effect, which allowed me to play around with the balance of flash and ambient light. This is something I need to do more and practice more as well.

6. Got some nice pictures here, but still I don’t like sticking my camera in people’s faces when they’re eating. I didn’t get pictures of everyone and the narrative of the day probably lacks some pictures.

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