6 Photography Youtube channels you should check out

If you’re like me, you’ll have started watching some Youtube videos one evening, and by the time you realise it, it’s two in the morning. There is so much great stuff on Youtube that it can swallow up aeons of time. So you don’t have to go digging for the best information out there, I’d like to point you at six Youtube channels that are related to photography that I think you’ll enjoy:

1. DigitalRev TV

Hosted by Kai and recorded by Lok, this is a really enjoyable youtube channel that has been described as the Top Gear of photography. Kai has a great British accent and a wicked sense of humour. They do camera reviews, comparisons, lists, and tutorials. They also have a series called “Pro photographer, cheap camera” where they get well known photographers to abandon their pro gear and use truly awful cameras, usually with funny results. The videos are good fun but not necessarily the most educational. The channel is a front for digitalrev.com, a site for buying new cameras form Hong Kong, tax free. Be aware that this is not an endorsement for digitalrev.com, and I have not bought anything from the site.

Best for: Entertainment.

2. Matt Granger

Join Matt in a varied channel with shoots, reviews, and photo competitions. Matt has a great presenting style and is pretty good at offering excellent in-depth reviews, while also being quite candid in his way of shooting. He has quite a few videos up there where he shows a full photo shoot and how he manages his lighting.

Best for: Following a professional photographer.

3. B&H

This is the channel for bhphotovideo.com, an american version of amazon for photographers. The channel has some absolutely fantastic videos of professional photographers teaching lighting and software tricks. The videos go into great depth, but are unedited so are usually quite long (60-90 minutes). Good if you’ve got a long time to watch with a cup of tea.

Best for: In-depth videos.

4. Phlearn

This is the channel for phlearn.com, a website of photoshop video tutorials hosted by Aaron Nace, who fails to hide his buoyant enthusiasm for editing in photoshop. The youtube channel has a ton of superb tutorials that are absolutely free, and the website has the paid-for tutorials. The tutorials vary in length from a few minutes to over an hour to retouch a whole photo.

Best for: Enthusiastic Presenter, Photoshop editing.

5. Blunty

Blunty hosts the channel with probably the best camera reviews on the web, simply put. He’s a no nonsense guy who easily expresses what a camera is capable of and what he likes and dislikes.

Best for: Camera reviews.

6. Dave Dugdale

This is the channel for learningdslrvideo.com, and thisĀ is my favouriteĀ for learning video on your D-SLR.

Best for: Video.

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