Simplifying the workflow

I’ve just arrived in Spain on holiday, and as a holiday, I actually don’t plan to shoot that much. Most holidays I go on I have a couple of places in mind where I want to go and take pictures. This time, I need a rest, and I definitely didn’t want to bring much gear. So I had to have a think about how I edit the few photos that I may take.

The last time I was on holiday in Spain my parents were still living here, so I could piggy back on their wifi, and also they even had a screen I could use with my mac mini. My parents have now repatriated themselves, so I didn’t have that option. My wife’s parents have wifi but no extra screen. In any case, I didn’t want to bring the mac mini, so I needed another option.

Last Thursday, we were at Blenheim Palace, and I posted this photo on my Facebook page. It’s a nicely composed but harshly lit scene of the river.

The lake at Blenheim Palace

The lake at Blenheim Palace

Now, as were in the middle of moving, I wanted to post a picture, but I wanted to recover the shadows, darken the overexposed sky and just add a little saturation. So I uploaded the picture (taken on the Sony a58) to my wife’s laptop, from there to the NAS drive we have. I downloaded it to the iPad, then edited in snapseed.

Snapseed is a great little app for editing on the fly, which I hadn’t used for a long time, and it took me a little time to get back in to, but the edit took me about 5 minutes and most of that was figuring out how to use it again.

I liked the final output from snapseed, after all this is just a snapshot that I wanted to edit before posting on Facebook, and we all know that what you post on Facebook belongs to Facebook. Also, there seems to be some jpeg artefacts in the sky, but otherwise I’m happy enough with it. I got to thinking about how I could streamline even further and post images to the web faster.

I have a Toshiba Flashair card that will transmit via Wifi to a phone, and fortunately my phone provider three recently added Spain to it’s list of countries where you can use your minutes as if you were in the UK, which is great as I have unlimited internet.

So, while shooting, I should be able to take a picture with the D-SLR, transmit to the iPad, edit on the bigger screen, then upload by tethering the iPad to the iPhone for the upload. If I wasn’t fussed about the big screen, I could send to the iPhone on Wifi and upload using the 3G/4G network.

I’ll probably take it out this morning for some street shooting and give it a go.

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