I don’t care what camera you have

tonbridge-sunsetI used to get excited about talking gear, by which I mean camera gear.

When I was a kid, I used to know all the cars, all the engine sizes, the horse powers, the stats. I eventually of grew out of it.

Then I got into cameras; I knew all of the cameras, all the megapixels, how many frames per second you would get out of it, all the decent lenses.

But none of this matters. And I mean none of it.

A car is a box that gets you from A to B. A camera is a box that takes pictures. While you are worrying about how much bokeh you can get out of your new lens or about the unacceptable noise at ISO 800, iPhone photographers on Instagram are getting more attention than you ever will, and photographers with older cameras and old prime lenses are shooting and producing high quality work.

I’ll leave you with the following instructions for taking photographs (for which I can’t take the credit): f/8 and be there.

The image at the top follows the f/8 rule. I was in the right place at the right time with a camera.

Does it matter what camera it came from? Does the level of noise matter that much?

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